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We work with the tech community, governments, law enforcement agencies and other hotlines globally. We believe that this is the only effective way to tackle a problem that doesn’t respect borders, laws or the rights of children worldwide.

What we do works. Our analysts track down a harrowing criminal image of a child being sexually abused every two minutes. The child, their suffering, the abuse, is real. We make sure that record of trauma is removed. Then we work to prevent it being uploaded again.

We currently assess over 7,000 reports per week. It’s a tough job, but our analysts are global experts in the field. We support them to do an extraordinary job.

Our work is impressive. But it’s not enough. We won’t rest until every single record of a child being sexually abused has been removed from the internet. Our Members share this ambitious goal.

We provide a unique range of services to help our Members defend their customers, staff and children, wherever they are in the world.

Today, over 190 tech companies including some of the giants of the industry, have signed up to use our services. They trust our analysts and services. They respect our tech-for-good developments. They share our vision to put an end to child sexual abuse imagery online.

Defending the internet, our services:

Image Hash List

A list of ‘digital fingerprints’ of known child sexual abuse imagery allowing you to stop it on your networks, platforms and apps.

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Keywords List

A unique list of words, phrases, and codes offenders may use to conceal child sexual abuse imagery on legitimate networks and platforms.

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URL List

A list of webpages that we know contain pictures and videos of child sexual abuse so Members can block access.

Non-Photographic Imagery URL List

A list of known-webpages showing computer-generated imagery (CGI), drawn or animated pictures of children suffering abuse for blocking.

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Takedown Notices

Immediate warnings to your UK organisation about child sexual abuse images and videos being hosted on your network or platform.

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Domain Alerts

We help registries stop their top-level domains (TLDs) from being abused and used to host criminal child sexual abuse imagery.

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Simultaneous Alerts

Immediate warnings about child sexual abuse images or videos hosted on networks in the United States.


Virtual Currency Alerts

Real-time notifications for cryptocurrency companies when a virtual currency is being used to buy child sexual abuse imagery.

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Payment Brand Alerts

Help protect your legitimate financial service brand from being used for payments online for criminal child sexual abuse imagery.

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Newsgroup Services

Lists and notifications of confirmed child sexual abuse imagery being hosted on newsgroup services.

Interested in joining or want to hear more? Complete our membership enquiry form or get in touch with our team by emailing [email protected] and we’ll get in touch with you. If you’d prefer, you can call us on +44 (0)1223 20 30 30.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

We know that some organisations cannot use our services but still want to join the fight against child sexual abuse online. If this describes your organisation, take a look at our Corporate Partnerships programme.

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All our funding Members can apply to join the Funding Council. The Council gives us advice on policy, provides funding and looks after our codes of practice.

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