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Payment Brand Alerts

Protect your financial services and brand from being used for payments associated with criminal child sexual abuse imagery with our Payment Brand Alerts.

The criminals who sexually abuse children and post their suffering online are ruthless. Many are involved in organised crime. Many profit from their illegal activity.

We see the legitimate financial industry being misused daily to process payments for the most appalling criminal imagery online. Traditional household names, together with new digital payment brands pop up unknowingly alongside the most extreme abuse of children. It could include the torture and rape of youngsters, even babies.

Our Payment Brand Alerts help protect legitimate financial service brands from being used for payments for online criminal child sexual abuse imagery. Essentially they are a warning for payment service companies. We notify them if their name, or brand is used to pay for child sexual abuse images or videos.

This helps the finance industry prevent criminals profiting from the suffering of children. It disrupts the channels perpetrators abuse to get payments for pictures and videos of child sexual abuse. It stops these payments for pain.

Our Members from the financial industry can use our Payment Brand Alerts, alongside our full suite of services.

When an analyst sees a legitimate payment processor linked with online criminal imagery, we work quickly to provide an immediate alert. This might be a traditional or digital currency. Our alert features the associated email addresses and merchant IDs, so that action can be taken quickly. We provide important information like transaction amounts to help track the payment. This helps with companies' moderating processes.

Payment Brand Alerts are provided through IWF membership. Our aim is to stop perpetrators associating their criminal imagery with legitimate brands. By doing this, we make it more difficult for ruthless people to benefit from the suffering of children.

How Payment Brand Alerts work

Financial organisations get immediate notification when we find their legitimate brand associated with child sexual abuse images in newsgroups or on websites, anywhere in the world.

  • We provide the email addresses and merchant IDs associated with buying and selling child sexual abuse pictures and videos using the company’s service. The legitimate payments business can then take appropriate action.
  • Our specialist analysts support payment teams by assessing suspicious webpages that they’ve raised concerns about.
  • We give personalised information to legitimate businesses. This includes transaction amounts to help with payment tracking associated with criminal child sexual abuse imagery. This helps with moderating activities.
  • As well as providing core services to protect brands and children, we work with all our Members to boost their existing processes for tackling brand abuse. We can help develop bespoke services tailored to a company’s individual needs. This all helps combat the distribution of criminal child sexual abuse pictures and videos online.
  • We help the payments industry prevent criminals benefit from selling distressing images of children. We help them disrupt these payments for pain.

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To find out more about our Payment Brand Alerts, email [email protected], call +44 (0)1223 20 30 30 or complete our membership enquiry form.

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