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Members of the IWF actively demonstrate their commitment to keeping children safe online whilst having access to our innovative technology to keep their networks and platforms clear of known child sexual abuse imagery. To make sure as many organisations as possible can join IWF, we’ve developed a simple and fair fee structure allowing companies of all sizes to come on board. Our fee structure is developed in conjunction with our Members to ensure it meets IWF needs and allows the broadest number of companies to join forces with us to protect victims of child sexual abuse.

All fees are calculated on your industry sector and company size ranging between £1,000+ and £90,000+ GBP per year. To support our international Members, we also take payment in Euros or USD. All membership fees directly fund our front-line work to eliminate child sexual abuse material from the internet. You can see who is currently supporting our work through membership here.

Current fee bands

IWF Pricing Bands
Based on industry sector and company size. Liable to annual increase based on inflation.

To find out what your organisation's fee would be and the steps to membership with the IWF, please complete a membership enquiry form.

Membership enquiry

Complete our membership enquiry form.

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Girl looking through the window

Becky's story

Membership fees allow us to fight for victims like Becky*.

Becky is about 10 or 11 years old. She sometimes styles her long brown hair in a plait or ponytail. We see her green eyes firmly fixed on the comments and messages being written to her at the bottom of her screen. She’s still in primary school. Cuddly toys are scattered on her bed and someone’s adorned her bedroom walls with fairy lights.

Becky films herself in her family bathroom – which is clean and bright – and in her bedroom. It’s clear that she’s being ‘directed’ by someone – or many people – on the other side of the live stream. She pauses to read comments or instructions before acting out what’s asked of her.

It’s clear Becky is not alone at home. She jumps at a noise outside the bathroom and her reaction is immediate – she looks nervous and quickly stops filming.

In a third of all the recordings we see of Becky, she’s been encouraged to use everyday items from her bedroom and bathroom to insert into her vagina. In legal terms, this is category A penetrative sexual activity.

There are no clues as to where Becky is. In our Hotline, we wonder if it was one person grooming her online into producing the videos, or many? Is she aware of how widely they’ve now been shared across the internet? Is she scared her family or school friends will see the videos?

We doubt she knows that the live streaming was being recorded, copied and shared by those with reprehensible interests.

Find out more about our campaign to prevent the abuse of girls like Becky.

*Names have been changed to protect victim’s identities.