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Benefits of IWF membership

By joining us as a Member, you’ll become part of a community working together to help protect children online.

Most importantly, you’ll join the fight to help free child victims of sexual abuse from the trauma and anguish of knowing a record of their abuse is being shared online, again and again. Sometimes this happens long after the physical abuse itself has ended. We call it re-victimisation. It’s just another way offenders can torture their victims.

We know internet predators will use all means at their disposal to access, groom, and abuse children, and to share and distribute images and footage of that abuse. Knowing this material is still being passed around online can devastate victims and prevent them from ever fully recovering from their abuse.

We help you provide a safe service for your users and staff by:

  • Reducing the risk of users finding illegal imagery online.
  • Providing your staff with cutting edge datasets and alerts to block and disrupt criminal images and videos online.
  • Giving your staff a trusted source of expertise to call on and a safe place for any referrals.
  • Keeping your online platforms free from illegal child sexual abuse content.

Our Members are responsible providers, who care about child protection online:

  • We’re proud of this. We publicise our Membership.
  • Our model is recognised globally as best practice. We’re in partnership with Members. It’s an approach that’s understood by policy developers and influencers worldwide.
  • The ‘IWF Member Logo’ is a trusted mark. It’s respected by the tech community and law enforcement globally. Our Members are proud to use our logo. It means they care.

You’ll become part of a global network of people and organisations fighting to create a safer internet

  • We help provide networking opportunities. Members can speak to influencers and decision makers and can help make a difference for children.
  • We link Members to help tackle online child sexual abuse. 180+ of the world’s most important tech companies have already joined us.
  • We encourage Members to help develop safe internet policies in the UK, Europe and worldwide.
  • Our funding Members can ask to join our Funding Council. It gives advice on policy, provides funding and maintains our code of practice.

We’ll make sure you are up-to-date on the latest trends in online offending. We want you to stay ahead of the curve

  • We share our unique research and intelligence. Our data, experience and expertise can help stop legitimate internet services being abused by offenders.
  • Members can talk directly to our team of specially trained analysts, who work with illegal images every day. This helps them to understand how abusive imagery appears on services. And, most importantly, how to stop it.

Interested in joining or want to hear more? Complete our membership enquiry form or get in touch with our team by emailing [email protected] and we’ll get in touch with you. If you’d prefer, you can call us on +44 (0)1223 20 30 30.

Join IWF Membership today and demonstrate your commitment to stopping child sexual abuse online
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Membership for VPN Companies

Defend your VPN customers from known child sexual abuse imagery through corporate membership with the Internet Watch Foundation.

Funding Council

The funding Council gives advice on policy and establishes and maintains a code of practice for their members.

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