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Protect your VPN service from online child sexual abuse

Protect your VPN customers from seeing known child sexual abuse images and videos online through membership with IWF.

Technology companies offering Virtual Private Networks (VPN) connections over secure encrypted tunnels allow their users the freedom to browse the internet whilst protecting their identity and shielding their private data from third parties.

While this is great for supporting user privacy, these same VPNs can be abused for malicious and criminal activities, particularly the viewing, uploading, sharing, and distributing of child sexual abuse images and videos.

VPN providers can help stop this abuse by joining IWF in membership and gaining access to our full suite of services

Join IWF Membership today and demonstrate your commitment to stopping child sexual abuse online

By joining IWF as a Member, you can free victims of child sexual abuse from repeated trauma and anxiety caused by having images of their exploitation shared online, via a VPN connection, sometimes long after the physical abuse itself has stopped. 

Our fees are based on your company size and industry sector ensuring that companies of all sizes can access our services

In 2022 we assessed a webpage every one-and-a-half minutes. Every two minutes, that webpage showed a child being abused.

VPN providers can block access to these criminal sites without impacting user rights, protecting survivors from repeat victimisation and making the internet a safer place for everyone.

Interested in joining or want to hear more? Complete our membership enquiry form or get in touch with our team by emailing [email protected] and we’ll get in touch or you can call us on +44 (0)1223 20 30 30.

We help you provide a safe VPN service for your users and protect your brand.

  • Reduce the risk of your VPN being used for illegal and malicious purposes through the distribution of criminal child sexual abuse content online.
  • Ensure that the privacy and security of a VPN connection isn’t used to cloak the trafficking of child sexual abuse material between perpetrators.
  • Implement our URL List of known webpages to block CSAM content while it’s being removed from the internet.
  • Provide surety to your customers, staff and network that your brand is safe and legal.
  • Empower your staff with the knowledge and tools to fight online criminal content.

Be a responsible provider committed to combating criminal content online.

  • Publicise your IWF membership to customers and prospects in the UK and internationally.
  • Demonstrate that you're a legitimate and ethical VPN platform provider.
  • Utilise the ‘IWF Member Logo’ to enhance your credibility with users and stand out from your competitors.

We connect you into a global network of people and organisations working to create a safer internet and protect children.

  • Providing networking opportunities where you will have access to influencers and decision-makers.
  • Linking you up with our partners and 180+ Members around the world to help you tackle criminal content online.
  • Promoting opportunities for you to contribute to the development of internet policy in the UK, Europe and internationally.
  • All funding Members of the IWF can apply to join our Funding Council giving you the opportunity to network with world-leading tech organisations and impact IWF policy. 

We ensure you are aware of the latest trends in online child sexual abuse content to help you stay ahead of the curve.

  • Sharing research and intelligence on online child sexual abuse content.
  • Giving you access to the team assessing criminal content to help you understand abuse on your services.

Want to hear more? Get in touch with our team by emailing [email protected] and we’ll get in touch with you. If you’d prefer, you can call us on +44 (0)1223 20 30 30.

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