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Despite our humble beginnings in a small office in Cambridge, today we’re one of the world leaders in combating online child sexual abuse. We’ve seen a lot of change in our twenty years plus. The internet, technological tools used for both good and bad, and the criminals who abuse systems have all developed at a breath-taking pace.

Protecting and defending children online is now a global battle. The internet and the abusers don’t respect borders, so neither can we. And we need to work with partners, with governments, the tech and telecoms communities, law enforcement, charities and other hotlines. We’re part of an alliance, an international force targeting the criminals who want to share the suffering and even benefit from the abuse of children.

We’ve taken our fight to countries without anywhere to report online abuse and our Reporting Portals now circle the globe. Working with local people, governments, police, industry, funders and charities, we now provide scaled down hotlines which feed directly to our expert analysts in the UK. Today we have 50 of these abuse-smashing Reporting Portals, giving over two and a half billion people a safe place to report suspected online pictures and videos of children.

That’s what we call effective international working. That’s what we call fighting to protect children worldwide.

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Global Reporting Portals

We work with counties who don’t have anywhere to report online child sexual abuse. In partnership with local people, we provide Reporting Portals, to help fight against online child sexual abuse images and videos.

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Working together globally

We bring together governments, the tech community, law enforcement, charities and other hotlines to work in partnership, to help protect children.

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Child sexual abuse material will only be resolved if all the relevant stakeholders join the fight. Find out more about our global membership programme.

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