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International partnerships

The IWF is one of the most effective hotlines in the world at removing child sexual abuse imagery from the internet, but this has only been possible thanks to the key international partnerships we have forged over the years. Our work is truly international, and as such relies on our collaborations and partnerships with national and international like-minded organisations.

Our international partnerships


End Violence Against Children

The End Violence Partnership has supported many of IWF’s projects, including the Reporting Portals project, and the reThink chatbot project.

ICMEC logo

The International Center for Missing and Exploited Children (ICMEC)

Through our partnership with ICMEC, we aim to build child online protection capacity globally.

CHI Logo

Child Helpline International

We've partnered with Child Helpline International to build capacity amongst international helpline staff to deal with online child sexual exploitation and abuse.


African Partnership to End Violence Against Children

The IWF and The African Partnership to End Violence Against Children worked together to raise awareness about online and offline child sexual abuse.

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Council of Europe

We've been working with the Council of Europe on furthering countries and nations' commitments to children’s rights and raising awareness about child sexual abuse.