African Partnership to End Violence Against Children

Stella Ayo-Odongo, Pathfinding Coordinator at the Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children. Previously Coordinator, African Partnership to End Violence against Children (APEVAC).

The African Partnership to End Violence Against Children (APEVAC) is an umbrella coalition, based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, that brings together like-minded national, regional, and international organisations to encourage collective action to end violence against children on the African continent. They were created to respond to the need for having an Africa-wide collective platform for addressing all the targets related to violence against children set out in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the African Union Agenda 2063, the African Agenda for Children’s Rights 2040 and other continental and regional frameworks in Africa.

APEVAC’s support for our international work 

IWF and APEVAC have been working together to achieve the common goal of making children safer on the African continent. One of the ways we at IWF do this is by launching Reporting Portals around the world, to empower people to report and act against online child sexual abuse material. The Global Fund to End Violence Against Children (EVAC) sponsored 30 IWF reporting portals in the least developed countries at no cost to the host nation, and APEVAC has been supporting us in reaching this number in many Sub-Saharan countries.

Thanks to APEVAC, we have been able to create more partnerships in different African countries, to build capacities and help countries to be better prepared against online child sexual abuse.

APEVAC has also participated in policy roundtables and law enforcement trainings organised by the IWF and the International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children (ICMEC) in Zambia and Uganda, to talk about child online protection best practice in the continent and what countries need to do to ensure a safer internet for children and for all users.

Graphic awareness campaign Zambia and Uganda

Awareness campaign in Zambia and Uganda

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