Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children

Marija Manojlovic, Safe Online Director, End Violence Partnership.

The End Violence Partnership works internationally with a wide range of partners to support and invest in projects that prevent and/or diminishes violence against children.

They have supported several IWF projects, including the Reporting Portals project and the reThink chatbot project. Both these tools are making the internet safer for everyone globally as they are fighting against the spread of child sexual abuse imagery online.

The End Violence Partnership and the Reporting Portals project

The End Violence Partnership funding enabled us to launch 30 reporting portals for images and videos of child sexual abuse at no cost for the host nation. This means that today, millions more people have access to this reporting mechanism, which would not have been possible without the funding. Portals also open conversations about the issue of online child sexual abuse, the fact that such material knows no border, and that this type of abuse, offline and online, takes place at an international, national, but also at a community level.

Today, we have 50 portals around the world, empowering more than 2.6 billion people to report child sexual abuse criminal content and make the internet safer.

reThink Chatbot project

An example of technological solutions targeting online behaviours is an interactive chatbot that is being developed by IWF as a part of two-year project financed the End Violence Fund.

The chatbot aims to curb the demand for online child sexual abuse material in the way that it interrupts people trying to access this imagery and prevent them from committing a criminal offence. The IWF reThink Chatbot interacts with internet users who are showing signs that they might be looking for images of child sexual abuse. It attempts to engage them in a friendly and supportive conversation, and at the right moment, signpost them to the help and intervention support that they need. The chatbot is now live on Pornhub UK, after Mindgeek volunteered to pilot the chatbot on the Pornhub UK platform. MindGeek did not receive, or provide, any funding for this project. It is believed that this project has massive potential and will help in our proactive fight against online child sexual abuse and exploitation.

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