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IWF Reporting Portals

Our IWF Reporting Portals offer a mechanism for reporting online child sexual abuse imagery for countries that do not currently have this facility. Working with local governments, police, industry, funders and charities, we give countries which previously didn’t have anywhere to report suspected online child sexual abuse, a place to report linked directly to our analysts in the UK.

It’s a simple way to share our expertise, knowledge and experience. It’s a way to extend the fight against child sexual abuse imagery and the criminals who harm children across the planet.

Today we have 50 of these reporting portals, available in 17 languages, which circle the globe. They give over two and a half billion people a safe place to report suspected online pictures and videos of children being sexually abused.

Reporting portals are customised webpages where people can safely report suspected pictures and videos of child sexual abuse. The reports are then fed to our expert analysts in our Hotline, who assess them in the usual way. If they’re confirmed as illegal, we work to have them removed from the internet.

Reporting to us is anonymous. This is important because some people are afraid of reporting to the police. They might be concerned that by alerting the authorities to worrying imagery online they could land themselves in trouble. Providing a safe, independent place to report gives those people peace of mind.

Setting up a reporting portal is a low-cost, fast and effective way to help internet users report suspected images and videos. Each new portal helps us make the internet a safer place for all children.

We believe that every country should be able to join the battle. They need to be able to give people a safe way to report disturbing images of children being abused, if they stumble on them online.

Since 2013, together with our portal partners we’ve stretched our protective net across the globe to create 50 new portals. We’ve formed a strong IWF reporting portal network for good.

If your country or nation doesn’t have a safe reporting mechanism and you want to find out more contact [email protected]

Why an IWF Reporting Portal?

We’ve made the UK the most hostile place in the world to host images of children suffering horrific sexual abuse. We want to help others do the same. 

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An IWF portal offers protection for your internet users and helps defend children and victims of abuse online.

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It’s a low-cost, quick to set up, centralised service, linked to our experts.

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It gives direct access to our IWF team, a global network of reporting portals and latest tech thinking.

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We work independently from, but together with the tech community, police forces, governments and charities, globally.

Mr Marcus Cornaro, Ambassador of the EU in Tunisia, Minister Mme Imen Zahwani Houimel

Case study: Multi-institutional portal project in Tunisia

The IWF Reporting Portal in Tunisia shows the importance of working with multiple partners to efficiently fight against child sexual abuse material.

Two children playing in forest

Case Study: Reporting portal and takedown notice in Ukraine

The Ukrainian portal shows the importance of international cooperation with our law enforcement colleagues.

Sad child and logos Morocco reporting portal

Case Study: the Moroccan portal launch

The Morocco reporting portal launched on Safer Internet Day 2021 (9 February), celebrating the international efforts and best practice to make the internet safer for all, and especially for children.

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