Case Study: the Moroccan portal launched in record time

Morocco portal launch video, on the EMC platform.

In only three months, the IWF developed the portal ‘IWF-Maroc’, with our partners in Morocco, the Centre Marocain de Recherches Polytechniques et d'Innovation (CMRPI), the Council of Europe and the Espace Maroc Cyberconfiance (EMC) Taskforce, empowering Moroccans to report images and videos of child sexual abuse online. The portal is one of 30 funded by the Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children.

Even though developing a reporting portal is quick, easy and straightforward, there are 8 key steps to follow for the portal to be launched and known by the public:

Thanks to our portal partners’ dedication, we finalised these steps in record time. The Morocco reporting portal was launched on Safer Internet Day 2021 (9 February), celebrating the international efforts and best practice to make the internet safer for all, and especially for children.

The importance of promoting the portal

The CMRPI, the Council of Europe and the EMC taskforce understood how crucial it is to promote the portal to the general public. We have collaborated with IWF Member Meta who offered us ad credits for free to raise awareness of the reporting portal. Our partners created videos, visuals and calls to action informing the public about what to do if they ever stumble across child sexual abuse material online. Thanks to their efforts, the Morocco reporting portal is part of the cybersecurity landscape in Morocco, helping to make the internet safer for children in Morocco and around the world.

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Our partnerships

Mme Imen Zahwani Houimel, Minister for Women, Family and the Elderly in Tunisia

Multi-institutional portal project in Tunisia

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Council of Europe
Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children