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Stop child abusers in their tracks and prevent the distribution of child sexual abuse imagery hidden by obscure words and phrases with our pioneering Keyword List.

Offenders often create their own special language or code for concealing criminal child sexual abuse material online. Our Keyword List compiles these words, phrases, and codes and makes them available to IWF Members allowing you to stop this type of criminal content on your network or application.

It’s particularly helpful for moderation purposes in chat, gaming, and forum environments and is available solely through membership with us.  

We work meticulously to ensure any terminology is quality assured and we increase the number of terms on the list through ongoing partnerships with law enforcement and the tech/internet industry.

Why choose the IWF Keywords List?

  • Protect children: Every time you block or stop someone from accessing child sexual abuse content on your service, you stop a survivor from being victimised once again.
  • Updated monthly: We update it every month. Our analysts add new keywords as they see them while they work to remove online child sexual abuse images and videos.
  • Quality assurance: All terms and phrases on our Keywords List have been checked by our analyst to make sure they return criminal content. 
  • Unique: The IWF Keywords List includes cryptic terms like letters and numbers associated with child sexual abuse content that other keyword lists wouldn’t recognise.
  • Actively searching: We're one of the only hotlines in the world actively seeking criminal images and videos, so we’re finding more content than anyone else. We’re always looking for new ways to find content using new technology to further develop our expertise and impact.

How the IWF Keywords List can help you 

You can use our list in a host of different ways, including:

  • To moderate chat on gaming, forum and social media platforms, stopping your platform from being used to proliferate criminal content.
  • To filter results on search engines, protecting your users from accidentally finding criminal content while using your services.
  • To check for files or domains that may contain criminal content and need further investigation.

Who can use it?

Licensed IWF Members can use the list. Companies that use the Keywords List provide a variety of services including:

  • Uploading, storing or searching images
  • Filtering/parental control
  • Hosting
  • Domain name registration
  • Social media and chat services
  • Gaming
  • Data centres
  • Moderators
  • Online payment services.

To find out how our Keywords List could benefit your company or organisation, email [email protected], call +44 (0)1223 20 30 30 or complete our membership enquiry form.

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