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Takedown Notices

Takedown Notices allow the IWF to work in partnership with your UK company so child sexual abuse imagery can be rapidly removed from your platform and services.

We believe that no child should ever be sexually abused and then forced to face the very frightening possibility that a record of their abuse could be shared, or even sold online.

It’s our job to stop this.

We exist to hunt down and remove any online record of child sexual abuse. And experience tells us that the best possible way to remove criminal imagery of children from the internet is by removing it at source. UK Takedown Notices do just this.

Our Takedown Notices are sent to companies when we find any child sexual abuse images, videos or *non-photographic imagery hosted in the UK, that breaks UK law.

Our Takedown Notices allows the host company to remove the criminal imagery as quickly as possible. This is good for their customers, staff, internet users worldwide and critically for the child, to stop their revictimisation.

It’s vital to help defend young people online and give the survivors of childhood sexual abuse peace of mind.

We send Takedown Notices in partnership with the police to make sure evidence is preserved and their investigations aren't compromised. Our analysts know that evidence is important, it could even lead to the rescue of a child. In the battle to defend children online, the tech companies that employ IWF Takedown Notices to protect their systems are on the front line.

In the UK today, the networks of hosting providers who use IWF Takedown Notices are less likely to be infected with this type of imagery. We’re helping them make it difficult for offenders to host, share or even sell criminal images of children being brutally sexually abused on their networks.

By joining IWF’s battle to protect young people on the internet, companies are doing the right thing. They are part of the fight to defend children, their customers, the regulators and the UK Government. They’re demonstrating a true commitment to making the UK the safest place in the world to go online.

As the global battle to put an end to this horrendous crime intensifies, governments are responding by bringing in legal regulation and mandatory reporting. This means the IWF services are more fundamental than ever.

Who can use it?

We send our Takedown Notices to all UK Member hosting companies, including:

  • Hosting providers
  • Online/cloud storage or backup companies
  • Social networking companies
  • Companies that enable user generated content

What happens if a company or the criminal imagery is outside the UK?

We work with international partners which means we can ask for the removal of imagery hosted online anywhere in the world. These allies include INHOPE and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC). We notify our partners about the criminal imagery we’ve identified and they contact the hosting company and/or law enforcement to make sure it’s removed.

Member companies that host in the United States can sign-up for our Simultaneous Alert

There are a number of other tools and services Members can utilise to prevent access to child sexual abuse material on their services.

What if the police are investigating the hosted imagery?

We send Takedown Notices in partnership with the police to make sure evidence is preserved and their investigations aren’t compromised. 

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To find out more about our Takedown Notices, email [email protected] or call +44 (0)1223 20 30 30 or complete our membership enquiry form.

Our Members

More than 160 companies are Members of the IWF, including some of the giants of the internet world, through to smaller filtering companies. What unites them, is their commitment to do the right thing.

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*Non-photographic imagery refers to CGI (Computer Generated Imagery), cartoons or drawings.