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Simultaneous Alerts for the tech community hosting in the US

Our Simultaneous Alerts are the fastest way for US companies to protect their networks and platforms against photos and videos of child sexual abuse.

Our Simultaneous Alerts are the fastest way for companies hosting in the US to protect their networks from criminals who use legitimate services to share child sexual abuse imagery. They are immediate warnings about child sexual abuse hosted on US networks. 

IWF analysts are experts at hunting down criminal images of children on the open internet. When they find child sexual abuse hosted in the US by one of our Members platforms, they send an immediate alert to them. They also notify our US partners, the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC).

This dual approach means that criminal imagery can be removed as quickly and effectively as possible.

It protects young victims of abuse from having a record of their suffering shared on the open web. It protects our Members’ staff from accidentally viewing terrible pictures of abuse. It protects customers from stumbling on distressing photos of children.

Some images cannot be un-seen. Our analysts are fully trained and supported. This means they can do a very difficult job. But if an internet user were to stumble accidentally on one of these criminal pictures, it could be extremely traumatic. Our Simultaneous Alerts help prevent this.

More importantly, our speedy alerts help Members reduce the emotional torment of young victims of abuse. We know from survivors, that they’re haunted by the thought that a record of their suffering could be circulated online, often years after the physical abuse has ended.

Companies who receive our alerts can remove confirmed child sexual abuse imagery on average 40% quicker than those without our service. This helps meet their mandatory reporting responsibilities and reduces the time criminal imagery is live online.

We know this service helps protect legitimate platforms from being abused. It makes it more difficult for criminals.

Our Simultaneous Alerts are available to a variety of companies hosting in the US, including those who provide:

  • Hosting services
  • Online/cloud-based storage
  • Social networking
  • User generated content

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To find out more about our Simultaneous Alerts contact us: by email [email protected], call +44 (0)1223 20 30 30, or complete our membership enquiry form.

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