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Virtual Currency Alerts

Safeguard your cryptocurrency services from being used for buying child sexual abuse imagery with our Virtual Currency Alerts.

The criminals who abuse children, then cruelly share their pain and suffering online have no compassion. They don’t care about their victims. Rape and torture is not abhorrent to them. They’re not interested in the rights or welfare of young people. They are the online monsters.

So, it’s no surprise that these ruthless perpetrators will be the first to abuse any legitimate system to further their crimes. They won’t have any second thoughts about using new developments in the technology, telecoms or the payments sector. They’ll be the first to find devious ways to use new systems for their own ends.

Sadly, as the cryptocurrency sector grows, so does the probability that these services will be abused. They give perpetrators the perfect online tool to profit from their crimes. They provide greater opportunity for an illegal online marketplace.

Today our analysts regularly see child sexual abuse imagery for sale online in exchange for virtual currencies. The trade in pictures of abuse is not a victimless crime. Survivors of sexual abuse are haunted by the possibility that a record of their suffering could be sold or viewed online, at any time. It’s a new level of abuse. We’re here to stop it.

Our Virtual Currency Alerts are designed to give cryptocurrency companies real-time notifications when a virtual currency is used to buy child sexual abuse imagery. The alerts are immediate. When a virtual currency wallet (a type of storage for digital currency) has been linked with any confirmed online child sexual abuse imagery, the provider is warned.

IWF expert analysts assess thousands of webpages every week. At the same time, they also look for any information relating to virtual currencies. This helps legitimate payment providers. It also means they can help law enforcement. It’s a win, win.

Taking IWF virtual currency alerts enables our Members to identify the payment networks being used globally to sell child sexual abuse imagery anywhere in the world. IWF virtual currency alerts are sent in real-time ensuring that our data leads are timely and provide the greatest opportunity to investigate while the leads are still active. We give specific and applicable information to stop this type of illegal purchasing in its tracks. This includes transaction amounts and wallet address.

The faster we act, the faster this trade in abused children can be stopped. Cryptocurrency companies can help us.

Virtual Currency Alerts are used by IWF Members. They help companies working in the virtual currency sector protect their services from being abused. They help legitimate companies who care defend children online.

How IWF Virtual Currency Alerts help

  • Virtual currency companies get immediate notification when our expert analysts see virtual currency wallets associated with online child sexual abuse imagery, anywhere in the world.
  • We give personalised information to business, including transaction amounts to help payment tracking and cryptic keyword terms linked with child sexual abuse pictures and videos.
  • Cryptocurrency Members can use the expertise of our specialist analysts, who can assess any suspicious webpages. This protects the company’s staff from viewing potentially distressing images.
  • IWF Members get our full suite of technical services, to help protect their business, staff, customers and children online.
  • We work with virtual currency providers to improve their existing processes for tackling brand abuse. We help create a service tailored to their individual needs to combat the distribution of child sexual abuse imagery online. We help them stop the abuse – of children and of their systems.

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