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As a precaution against the COVID-19 coronavirus, the Internet Watch Foundation will be operating at a reduced capacity. We provide a vital service for the public and are committed to staying open but there is likely to be a delay responding to reports, emails and calls. People can still report child sexual abuse imagery as normal here.

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Our services

Childrens hands painted with smiley faces - caption: All children deserve to be protected from sexual exploitation
Make your services safer


Online child sexual abuse images and videos are a global problem. We provide a unique range of services to help our Members make the internet safer for their customers wherever they are in the world. Together, our goal is to remove all online child sexual abuse images and videos.
Over 130 global companies use our services to improve internet safety and protect children – as well as their users, employees and brand reputations.

Our services

  • Image Hash List a list of unique digital fingerprints of child sexual abuse images. They are used to identify online images so they can be removed, and to stop them being uploaded. 
  • Takedown Notices – immediate alerts about child sexual abuse images and videos hosted on UK networks. 
  • Simultaneous Alerts – immediate alerts about child sexual abuse content hosted on US networks. 
  • URL List – a list of webpages that contain child sexual abuse material, so you can block access to them. 
  • Keywords Lista unique list of cryptic terms associated with child sexual abuse material – this helps you monitor networks and applications, and improve search results. 
  • Domain Alertsdetails of domain names that are known for hosting child sexual abuse content so domains hosting illegal content can be removed quickly. 
  • Payment Brand Alertsif you are a payment service, we’ll notify you if your brand is used to pay for child sexual abuse content. 
  • Virtual Currency Alerts real time alerts when a virtual currency wallet is associated with online child sexual abuse material.
  • Newsgroup alerts notifications of child sexual abuse content hosted on newsgroup services so they can be removed. 
  • Non-Photographic Image (NPI) URL List a list of webpages that contain non-photographic child sexual abuse images, so you can block access to them. 

Corporate Social Responsibility

Can’t benefit from our services? We still want your support. We’re backed by many companies that simply want to make the internet safer for all internet users. We’d welcome you into the IWF as a corporate social responsibility (CSR) Member. Take a look at our CSR benefits of IWF membership.

Sit on our Funding Council

All funding Members can apply to join our Funding Council.  The Council gives advice on policy, provides funding and looks after our codes of practice.

TalkTalk logo"2014 was a huge year for online child safety at TalkTalk. We want the UK to remain the global leader in tackling child abuse online and were proud to significantly increase our financial contribution to that effort. We supported the IWF's growth by increasing our financial contribution by over 85%, ensuring the IWF has the resources to proactively search, block and remove child abuse imagery. Proactive searching is a major step forward for the IWF and we're delighted to help make it possible. We also agreed new funding commitments with three additional charities as part of a £250,000 package to help tackle child abuse online. 2014 was also the year we helped to launch Internet Matters, the innovative child safety organisation that gives parents the expert advice they need to make informed decisions about their child's online behaviour. The UK is one of the only countries in the world where the leading ISPs have united to create such an organisation, and we are excited about helping it to grow in 2015."

Talk Talk

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