Services for our Members

Hosting, sharing, selling and buying child sexual abuse images and videos is a global issue. As a Membership organisation with over 130 Members globally we deliver a range of unique technical and practical services to help make their products and services safer for their users and customers wherever they are in the world. Ultimately all of these help us achieve our goal of removing online child sexual abuse images and videos globally.

  • Takedown Notices: Immediate alerts about child sexual abuse images and videos hosted on UK networks.
  • Image Hash List: A list of unique identifiers of child sexual abuse images which can be used to identify such images on services in order to enable removal of them and prevent upload of such images.
  • URL List: A list of webpages containing child sexual abuse material which can be used to block access to them.
  • Keywords: A unique list of cryptic terms associated with child sexual abuse material so that networks and applications can be monitored and search results can be improved.
  • Domain Alerts: Details of domain names that are known for hosting child sexual abuse content.
  • Newsgroup Alerts: notifications of child sexual abuse content hosted on newsgroup services so they can be removed.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Companies who are unable to take any of the technical services above, but are committed to making the internet safer for all internet users, are welcomed into IWF as corporate social responsibility (CSR) Members. 

Seat on Funding Council

All funding Members of the IWF can apply to join the Funding Council.  Members are voted onto the Funding Council by a majority vote at the next available meeting after joining the IWF. Our Funding Council gives advice on policy, provides funding and establishes and maintains our codes of practice. It also gives our Board expert advice from the internet industry on any new developments, through three industry Trustees.

Please note: The IWF uses the term child sexual abuse content to accurately reflect the gravity of the images we deal with. Please note that child pornography, child porn and kiddie porn are not acceptable terms. The use of such language acts to legitimise images which are not pornography, rather, they are permanent records of children being sexually exploited and as such should be referred to as child sexual abuse images. If you see such content online please report it to the IWF.  

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