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  1. Working internationally & fighting self-generated content

  2. Call for experts to help tackle growing threat of ‘self-generated’ online child sexual abuse material

  3. 20,000 reports of coerced ‘self-generated’ sexual abuse imagery seen in first half of 2022 show 7- to 10-year-olds

    New data released by the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) shows almost 20,000 webpages of child sexual abuse imagery in the first half of 2022 included ‘self-generated’ content of 7- to 10-year-old children.

  4. ‘Appalling’ rise of ‘devious’ criminals tricking children into sexually abusing themselves on camera

    New IWF data reveals a startling increase in ‘self-generated’ material where children have been tricked or groomed by predators.

  5. Boost for children’s online safety as Welsh Government becomes first Government to join IWF

    Boost for children’s online safety as Welsh Government becomes first Government to join IWF. Welsh language resources will help children spot the signs of online grooming and abuse.

  6. Campaigners push to stop this being ‘the summer of online sexual abuse’ against children

    Campaigners are warning teenagers and their parents about online grooming and sexual exploitation as schools break up for the summer.

  7. ‘Beyond heart-breaking’ abuse as predators groom children to film siblings and friends

  8. New tool empowers children and young people to stop spread of nude images online

    Childline and the IWF launch new tool to help young people remove nude images that have been shared online

  9. Campaign launches as new report finds girls at worsening risk of grooming from sexual predators online

    New analysis in the IWF’s annual report shows 11-13 year old girls are increasingly at risk of grooming and coercion at the hands of online predators

  10. Analyst's ‘hunch’ leads to British schoolgirl’s rescue from online child sexual abuse

    An IWF analyst’s instincts told him he could act quickly to intervene after he received an anonymous tip off.

  11. IWF analysts finding fifteen times more child sexual abuse content online than they were ten years ago

    Expert analysts have taken action against 200,000 websites containing child sexual abuse material

  12. Tech companies must not encrypt platforms unless guarantees can be made on child safety, MPs warn

    A new report published by the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Social Media.