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Think Before You Share Campaign

Talk about awkward

Young people are sharing nudes online for all kinds of reasons – with people they know, and people they don’t. To help protect them, the IWF's Think before you share campaign aims to help young people understand the harm of sharing explicit images and videos of themselves, and others, and encourage parents and educators to start timely conversations with children and young people. 

Why This Matters

Recent research conducted by the International Policing and Public Protection Research Institute (IPPPRI) has revealed some concerning trends - the exchange of nude images has become increasingly common, with many young people receiving unsolicited explicit content. Moreover, images shared in confidence are often leaked and circulated without consent. Some individuals are even "collecting" these images, treating them like trading cards.

This behaviour isn't just problematic - it's illegal when it involves minors. Even more alarmingly, these images can sometimes find their way onto websites dedicated to child sexual abuse.

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Our Campaign Mission

Through the Think Before You Share campaign, we're committed to:

  1. Raising awareness about the risks of sharing nude images.
  2. Encouraging thoughtful decision-making before sharing personal content online.
  3. Facilitating open, judgment-free conversations between young people and trusted adults.

How We Can Help

We've developed resources tailored to different groups:

  • Young People: We offer guidance on navigating peer pressure, understanding the potential consequences of sharing, and what to do if your images have been shared without consent.

  • Parents and Carers: We provide tips on initiating these challenging conversations, supporting your children, and responding effectively if an incident occurs.
  • Teachers and Educators: We offer materials to address this topic in the classroom and support affected students.

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Join the Conversation

We encourage you to share our campaign using #ThinkBeforeYouShare. By talking openly about this issue, we can work together to create a safer online environment for everyone.

Remember, while these conversations may feel uncomfortable, they're crucial for protecting our young people. Our aim is to listen without judgment and provide the support and information needed to navigate this complex digital landscape.

To learn more about our campaign and access additional resources, visit

Let's work together to foster a culture of digital responsibility and mutual respect.