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  1. URL Blocking: Good Practice

    Blocking access to child sexual abuse content by our Members is carried out on a voluntary basis and is a short-term disruption tactic which works alongside the removal of content at source.

  2. URL List

    A list of webpages that we know contain pictures and videos of child sexual abuse so Members can block access.

  3. URL List Policy

    The principles and procedures under which the child sexual abuse content URL list is made available to members and under licence to specific non-members.

  4. Useful links

    Our work specifically relates to images and videos showing child sexual abuse online. Here are useful links if you need help with something else.

  5. Usenet Express

  6. S.r.l.

  7. UseNeXT

  8. Uses of IntelliGrade

    Technology companies can use our growing list of IntelliGrade hashes to stop the upload, sharing and storage of known child sexual abuse imagery on their platforms.

  9. Verisign

  10. Vicky Ford MP

  11. Virgin Media

  12. Virtual Currency Alerts

    Real-time notifications for cryptocurrency companies when a virtual currency is being used to buy child sexual abuse imagery.