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  1. Virtual Giving for Real World Change

    Jagex launches the Well of Goodwill to kick off a month long November charity drive.

  2. Vodafone Group

    Vodafone Group Services Ltd became an IWF Member on 1 April 2002. They support us in our aim to eliminate online child sexual abuse. 

  3. VPN Virtual Private Network

    Defend your VPN (Virtual Private Network) customers from known child sexual abuse imagery through corporate membership with the Internet Watch Foundation.

  4. WatchGuard

  5. WatchGuard is IWF's newest Member

  6. We don’t buy-in data. We’re the source.

  7. We must stop the “horrifying” number of people looking at child sexual abuse material by removing it from the internet

  8. Webroot

  9. WePROTECT Industry Event 2015 highlights importance of partnerships

    Nicky Peachment, IWF Commercial Relationship Manager, reflects on the WePROTECT Industry Event 2015 and how, eventhough there remains much work to be done, the internet industry has made significant steps forward in fighting online child sexual abuse.

  10. Wera Hobhouse MP

  11. What our members say

    Hear from some of the giants of the tech industry on how and why they work with IWF including Google, Facebook, BT, Nominet, Microsoft, TikTok and more.

  12. What’s the biggest problem on the internet? Images of child sexual abuse and grooming, say UK young men.