International Reporting Solution

Many countries are experiencing rapid internet growth. The internet is a wonderful positive resource but a minority of people use the internet for illegal activities. One of the worst is distributing pictures and videos of children being raped and sexually tortured for an audience of paedophiles.

We are working with governments and law enforcement worldwide to eliminate online child sexual abuse content.

How can IWF help?

The IWF Portal is an Online Child Sexual Abuse Reporting Portal.

It enables citizens living in your country to report online child sexual abuse content for assessment by IWF experts. It is a cost effective solution that is easy to implement with back up support from acknowledged world experts in the field.

  • Online: Your country will have its own locally branded reporting page;
  • Reporting Portal: Your citizens use this to report online child sexual abuse content;
  • Experts: Each report is automatically sent to IWF in the UK;
  • Assessment: It is assessed by IWF experts;
  • Content removal: IWF takes appropriate action, including tracing where the content is hosted, alerting the host country to the content, issuing notices to get it removed (Notice and Takedown) and informing police;
  • Results: You will receive a progress report;
  • Cost effective: Provide a full hotline service to your citizens at a fraction of the cost.
Why choose the IWF Portal?
  • Quick to set up by IWF experts;
  • Low cost centralised services;
  • Ability to grow at a speed to suit your country;
  • Back up support function from IWF team;
  • Access to IWF team and latest global thinking;
  • Access other international Hotlines through IWF;
  • Protection for your citizens and peace of mind;
  • Show your citizens that you are part of the global battle to eliminate online child sexual abuse content.
Why work with us?

The IWF is the most successful Hotline in the world at removing child sexual abuse images online.

Since 1996 we have actioned over 150,000 URLs containing images and videos of child sexual abuse.

We work with industry, law enforcement, government and the public.

We have made the UK the most hostile territory in the world to host this criminal content. We want to do the same for other countries with no hotline.

IWF Portal - Empowering countries globally to eliminate online child sexual abuse content.

Find out more

To watch our short animation explaining how the IWF Portal works, click here (French and Spanish subtitled versions also available).

To download a PDF brochure please click here [Adobe Acrobat PDF - 1.49 MB].

To find out more please contact our team, on 0044 (0)1223 203030 or email  

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