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  1. New reporting portal to address ‘critical’ need to keep children safe in Ghana

  2. Cote d’Ivoire portal is another step in making the internet safer for everyone

  3. Madagascar steps up to tackle ‘intolerable’ online child sexual abuse material

    For the first time, people in Madagascar will have a safe and anonymous place to report criminal images and videos of children suffering sexual abuse.

  4. Government in El Salvador ‘committed to keeping children safe online’ as new portal launches

    The portal gives people in El Salvador a safe, anonymous place to report child sexual abuse material if they accidentally find it online.

  5. New portal ‘key enhancement’ in children’s online safety in Malaysia

    ‘We know viewing images and videos of child sexual abuse is not a victimless crime. Some of the worst abuse is perpetrated against children’.

  6. Safe and anonymous way for Senegalese people to report abuse

    People in Senegal will now be able to report child sexual abuse if they stumble across it online.

  7. Indonesians urged to report online child sexual abuse

    The coronavirus pandemic has lent greater ‘urgency’ to tackling online threats.

  8. New Mongolian portal to protect children online

  9. Tech companies and charities unite to keep children in Mali safe online

    The IWF has partnered with Facebook, Peace One Day, and the Government of Mali to keep children in Mali safe online.

  10. New ‘weapon’ in fight against online child sexual abuse to help protect children in Haiti

    ‘Wherever criminals seek to make children victims, and wherever children risk being harmed by the proliferation of this evil material, people must come together to fight it. That is exactly what has happened here in Haiti’

  11. ‘Virtual’ launch of new Pakistan portal in response to Coronavirus restrictions

    Despite travel bans, experts say there must be no delaying what could be a ‘significant’ move for children’s online safety.

  12. Two new international reporting portals in Zimbabwe and Ukraine will help find and remove child sexual abuse on the internet

    The portals, including the IWF's first in Europe, will allow people to report child sexual abuse material to the IWF should they stumble across it online