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  1. Protecting all of India’s online citizens is only one step away

  2. UK’s internet guardian ‘sets standard’ for hotlines worldwide

  3. Case study: Multi-institutional portal project in Tunisia

    The IWF Reporting Portal in Tunisia shows the importance of working with multiple partners to efficiently fight against child sexual abuse material.

  4. Case Study: the Moroccan portal launched in record time

    The Morocco Reporting Portal launched on Safer Internet Day 2021 (9 February), celebrating the international efforts and best practice to make the internet safer for all, and especially for children.

  5. No such thing

    IWF is campaigning for an end to use of the phrase ‘child pornography’. There’s #NoSuchThing. It’s child sexual abuse imagery and videos.

  6. So socking simple

    IWF wants to help young people stay safe online by making sure you know what to do if you accidentally see sexual images or videos of someone you think might be under 18.