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We all want to do the right thing online, but it’s not always clear how. We want to help you to use the internet safely by making sure you know what to do if you accidentally see sexual images or videos of someone you think might be under 18 online. 

Something’s not right! With comedian Arron Crascall and football YouTuber Eman Sv2

We teamed up with comedian Arron Crascall, football YouTuber Eman Sv2 and our partner the victim-support charity the Marie Collins Foundation to raise awareness of this important issue. The creative concept, ‘Something’s not right’, encouraged young people to think twice about the content they see online, the law around sexual images of children, the harm caused to the victims featured in the image and the importance of reporting this material to the IWF.


If you accidently see sexual images or videos of someone you think might be under 18, do the right thing and report it quickly, easily and anonymously to the Internet Watch Foundation, so the content can be swiftly removed. One hour is all it can take to remove victims’ images or videos after responding to your report.

Reports can be completely anonymous. We don’t need your details, just your help.

Graphic about reporting


In the UK, sexual images or videos of under 18s online are illegal. An individual can be prosecuted for taking, making, sharing and possessing sexual images of under 18s, even if they thought that the person featured looked older.

The IWF worked with the Marie Collins Foundation to protect young people by making sure they know the rights and wrongs of viewing and sharing sexual images online. Click here to find out more.

The difference made

When we asked young men if they thought that reporting sexual content that could be of under 18s would make a difference, not everyone was sure:

But it is important to remember that one simple report could save a child from further abuse.

Just in 2022, the Internet Watch Foundation removed the record number of 255,588 webpages containing criminal images and videos of child sexual abuse.

The harm caused

Behind every picture and video is a child who’s being abused. This trauma is re-lived until the content is removed.

If you have been affected by these issues

If you are a victim of online sexual abuse or have been in the past, help is available at:

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