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Our commitment to the environment

The growing pressures on our planet’s natural resources and environment and the challenge of rapid climate change require swift and determined action from all corners of society. We at the IWF take this responsibility seriously and have adopted broad measures to limit our impact on the environment, reduce our consumption of water, energy, and other resources, avoid waste, and combat climate change.

We are committed to:

  • Minimising water consumption and waste;
  • Utilising energy from renewable sources and conserving energy through efficient business practice;
  • Reducing, reusing, and recycling office materials and consumables wherever possible;
  • Promoting awareness of sustainable products and practices amongst our staff and partners and encouraging them to be responsible, green citizens;
  • Minimising employee travel both in the UK and internationally to reduce our carbon footprint;
  • Making continuous improvements to minimise the environmental effects and impacts of our operations.