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Our values

The backbone of the IWF

We were created to protect children online. 

It’s a huge responsibility to have the job of searching for, stopping, removing and preventing online child sexual abuse imagery. We don’t take this lightly. Our values act as our backbone, our core strength, a guide and a reminder of the importance of our work. They are embedded in everything we do. 

Being open and honest

  • We treat every child victim of sexual abuse with the utmost and total respect;
  • We always act with integrity and professionalism;
  • We make sure our communications and actions are appropriate, true, transparent and accountable.

Being excellent

  • Every day we strive to be the best in the world at what we do;
  • We set the global standard of best practice;
  • We build tech-for-good tools to help defend child victims of sexual abuse. We make the internet a safer place, by:
    • Protecting child survivors of sexual abuse from being victimised again and again. By stopping offenders from sharing pictures and videos of the abuse online, we’re making it more difficult for these criminals to perpetuate the abuse;
    • Preventing internet users from accidentally stumbling on child sexual abuse images and videos;
    • We make it harder for criminals to find child sexual abuse imagery online, by disrupting the illegal sharing.

Being team players

  • Working together is vital. We always acknowledge the importance of partnerships.
  • We recognise, reward and celebrate our success and achievements. If we win, so do children.

Creating a caring and safe internal environment

  • Respecting and encouraging individuals' contributions is important to us. We want them to be IWF heroes;
  • A supportive environment is vital for people who work to protect children. We promote best-practice welfare for our staff who are committed to stopping the spread of child sexual abuse imagery;
  • We encourage constant learning and personal development. It helps people thrive. It’s good for us all.
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Our commitment to the environment

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Anti-racism statement

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