IWF staff in office

Gifts in kind

We understand that it’s not always possible for people or companies to give us direct funding. But we also know that many people, companies (big and small), Trusts and Foundations care about the work we do. They share our vision of a world free from child sexual abuse images and videos online. They want to help us make sure that young victims of abuse never have to face the torment of knowing their suffering is being circulated online.

As a charity, a not-for-profit organisation, it’s only due to the support of our donors, our heroes, that we can continue our vital work. But we also need to grow our services, to develop new cutting edge Tech for Good, so that we can keep one step ahead of the heartless perpetrators who abuse, torture and record the suffering of their young victims.

Like any organisation funding is paramount, helping us to remain operational and deliver our vital charitable role. Direct funding does allow us to manage and plan our day-to-day work in the most effective way. However, gifts-in-kind can be just as valuable, providing important products and skills.

Companies and individual people who already support us by donating specialist products, services, skills, connections, time and resources. We’re keen to hear from anyone or companies who are interested in supporting our work in this way.

So, what type of gifts in kind could help us?

  • Ad credits for social media platforms. They could help us amplify our important campaign and safety messages about criminal imagery online.

  • Contributions of tech hardware or software. These would help our team develop new Tech-for-Good solutions, helping them hunt down and remove more child sexual abuse imagery.

  • Expertise in cutting edge tech, such as AI or machine learning.

  • Knowledge, support, advice or advocacy in any profession that could help advance our work.

  • Offices, venues or events centres that we could use for fundraising events or meetings. Using these spaces for free could save our valuable funds. Funds that could be better spent on providing services to protect children online.

If you’re interested in finding out more about gifts in kind, get in touch with our Development Team. Email [email protected] or call +44 (0)1223 20 30 30.