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  1. Call for renewed funding for UK Safer Internet Centre as new online safety legislation published

    “It’s a heart-breaking milestone and a reminder, if it was ever needed, that the need for a safer internet has never been more urgent."

  2. UK Safer Internet Centre receives £5.1m funding ‘lifeline’ from Nominet to help protect children from online abuse, sexual exploitation, and bullying

    UK Safer Internet Centre receives £5.1m funding from Nominet.

  3. EU grant for child protection online amid fears for future funding

  4. Susie Hargreaves OBE

    Susie joined the Internet Watch Foundation in September 2011 as Chief Executive and is a Director of the UK Safer Internet Centre.

  5. EU co-funding

    IWF used to receive some funding from the European Union’s EU Safer Internet Programme. This is now provided by Nominet.

  6. UK Safer Internet Centre

    The Internet Watch Foundation partners with Childnet International and SWGfL in the UK Safer Internet Centre (UKSIC).