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  1. Our research

    Research from the Internet Watch Foundation on online criminal content and in particular child sexual abuse imagery.

  2. Independent report on international notice and takedown system

    Independent report: The development of a comprehensive, transferable international internet notice and takedown system.

  3. Cisco report: why the IWF can never completely rely on artificial intelligence

  4. IWF forward planning date

  5. Working internationally & fighting self-generated content

  6. How AI is being abused to create child sexual abuse imagery

    IWF research into how artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly being used to create child sexual abuse imagery online

  7. ‘Worst nightmares’ come true as predators are able to make thousands of new AI images of real child victims

    AI-Generated Child Abuse Sexual Imagery Threatens to “Overwhelm” Internet

  8. How online predators use privacy apps. New podcast episode from the IWF

    A new podcast from the IWF focuses on new research from Finnish child protection agency Suojellaan Lapsia which shows how offenders operate and the methods they use.

  9. Pioneering chatbot reduces searches for illegal sexual images of children

    A trial project has demonstrated a first-of-its-kind chatbot and warning message can reduce the number of online searches that may potentially be indicative of intent to find sexual images of children.

  10. reThink Chatbot evaluation

    The project is the first of its kind to use chatbot technology to intervene when people attempt to search for sexual images of children and aim to help them stop, or not start, offending.

  11. IWF research on child sex abuse live-streaming reveals 98% of victims are 13 or under

  12. IWF joins leading policing researchers to tackle online grooming and sexual imagery of children

    The findings will be ‘invaluable’ in turning the tide on the threat children are facing from online predators.