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  1. Our live-streaming report: The case studies

  2. Where to report non child sexual abuse

    A list of where to report some of the other types of harmful content you may see online.

  3. UK Safer Internet Centre public report released

  4. Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) forward planning date

  5. Everton FC team up with UK Safer Internet Centre in a first for British football

  6. IWF 2022 Annual Report Launch Video

    Watch the recording of our 2022 Annual Report Launch.

  7. ‘Extreme’ Category A child sexual abuse found online doubles in two years

    IWF analysts say ‘insidious’ commercial child sexual abuse sites are driving more and more extreme content online.

  8. EU still hosts the most child sexual abuse material in the world

    New IWF data shows that three in every five child sexual abuse reports are hosted in an EU member state.

  9. Annual Report Archive

    View all available IWF Annual Reports from previous years.

  10. Useful links

    Our work specifically relates to images and videos showing child sexual abuse online. Here are useful links if you need help with something else.

  11. Tunisia takes ‘major step’ in global fight against online child sexual abuse material

    A new IWF portal will, for the first time, give people in Tunisia a safe and anonymous place to report illegal videos and images.

  12. Portal to call out child sexual abuse material in Kenya ‘could lead to the rescue of a young victim’

    The Kenyan public will now have a safe and anonymous place to report suspected images and videos of children suffering sexual abuse.