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  1. Hotline reports ‘shocking’ rise in the sextortion of boys

    There has been a “shocking” increase in reports of children tricked into sharing sexual images of themselves by abusers intent on extorting money or further imagery from their victims.

  2. Teenage boys targeted as hotline sees ‘heartbreaking’ increase in child ‘sextortion’ reports

    The IWF and NSPCC say tech platforms must do more to protect children online as confirmed sextortion cases soar.

  3. Parents and carers

    Advice and guidance for parents, carers or guardians about what you can do if a child is a victim of blackmail or 'sextortion' online.

  4. Sextortion

    Advice for children, young people, adults and parents or carers on Sexually Coerced Extortion or 'Sextortion'.

  5. Under 18s

    Tips and help on what you can do if you're under 18 and worried about being blackmailed or 'sextorted' for nudes or money online.

  6. Adults

    Help for people aged 18 or over who may be suffering online blackmail, sexually coerced extortion or 'sextortion' for nude images or videos and/or money.