Uses of IntelliGrade

Provide a safer online world

Technology companies can use our growing list of IntelliGrade hashes to stop the upload, sharing and storage of known child sexual abuse imagery on their platforms. 

Join IWF as a Member and get access to all our services and datasets, including IntelliGrade hashes. 

Safeguarding victims, identifying offenders

We make our IntelliGrade hashes available to UK police through the Home Office’s Child Abuse Image Database.

This helps police to identify and safeguard children, to understand at a glance more about the abuse a child has suffered and how this relates to legal classifications, and helps to secure convictions of offenders.  

Training the safety tech of tomorrow

Our rich dataset has the potential to help train other applications aimed at fighting online child sexual abuse. Speak to us today about how we can work together. 

Consolidating global efforts

IntelliGrade can ingest images from any other source to enable them to be hashed and enriched with contextual metadata. 

Speak to us about how we could work with you to strengthen the global fight against child sexual abuse.   

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Creating IntelliGrade

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