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Netopian case study

Netopian logo

IWF helping Netopian make their products the safest possible

What was Netopian’s challenge?

Netopian offers a web protection service, specifically built to support the needs of vulnerable people and in particular looked-after young people, who are amongst the most vulnerable in our society.

The internet today presents young people with great learning resources with many opportunities to discover new things. The young people that Netopian protect are very willing to explore the web and meet others online just like any other young person, however they may not be aware that in some cases they are placing themselves at risk of harm.

Netopian's unique safeguarding system identifies unwanted approaches and predatory activity and alerts those with safeguarding responsibilities to young people in crisis or in need of support.

Netopian were aware of the IWF URL list that enables providers to block access to specific live webpages with indecent images of children and the IWF Keywords List which contains cryptic terms and phrases associated with child sexual abuse content. They knew these two unique services were crucial in helping them protect their clients.

What was Netopian’s solution?

Through IWF membership, Netopian have direct access to the IWF URL List and the IWF Keywords List.

IWF’s URL List enables Netopian to protect their clients and their clients’ users from accessing live webpages with indecent images of children.

Netopian’s use of the IWF Keywords List of cryptic terms associated with paedophilic content flags up if any of these terms are used in emails, chat or on social networks which means their clients are alerted and can take appropriate action.

Netopian underpin their safeguarding system with the unique IWF services to ensure they are providing the safest service possible for their young people.

How is it working for them?

Really well. Netopian found the IWF URL List and Keywords List easy to implement.

Netopian are proud of being able to tell prospective clients of the extra benefits IWF’s URL List and Keywords List are giving them. Their IWF membership ensures their clients are protected from accidentally accessing webpages with indecent images of children as well as being alerted if terms from the IWF Keywords List are used in communications. This enables Netopian to take the appropriate actions to safeguard the people they look after.

IWF membership and access to the unique IWF services enables Netopian to provide a safer and more protected internet experience to their clients.

Pete Buckley, Director of Operations & Safeguarding, Netopian says: “We believe that through the proactive use of technology we can help safeguard young people more effectively and importantly before any harm comes to them. We are delighted to work with the IWF and to use their proactive unique services to compliment and underpin the Netopian safeguarding system.”


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