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CSR benefits to IWF Membership

Children lying on grass - Caption: All children deserve to be protected from sexual exploitation

Show the world you are doing the right thing

As adults we all have a duty of care to protect children. At IWF, we work globally to make the internet safer for everyone (adults, children and victims of child sexual abuse) by removing online images of child sexual abuse.

Why not support the work we do and enable us to remove even more of these images as well as doing what you can to protect your customers and workforce?

Research shows that 4 in 5 British adults say it’s important to take steps to prevent people from being able to view, store or share images of child sexual abuse at work. Show your employees you care about their, and their family’s online safety by supporting our vital work. 

5 reasons you should sign up now

CSR membership is a great way to support the work of the IWF and: 

  1. Boost your reputation as a supporter of the global mission to eliminate online child sexual abuse content;
  2. Be seen working alongside the world’s most innovative and cutting-edge technology companies;
  3. Engage your employees in our shared mission and show you’re an employer who cares;
  4. You’ll receive an IWF logo for you to promote your IWF membership, a place on our member page and a separate company profile page in which you can showcase the work you do and how you support us, as well as a promotional press release upon joining.
  5. Contribute relevant blogs on our website, have us support you at relevant events and access privileged information via our members area, which would include Funding Council information which influences the way in which the IWF works.

Positive brand reputation

IWF membership makes your brand stand out! You can tell the world that you’re supporting the removal of child sexual abuse images from the internet.

IWF is a world-leading organisation using innovative methods to make the internet safer. We’re trusted by a whole host of global organisations, including the technology agencies of the UN and Commonwealth.

We operate globally at the highest level and work with others who are also involved in top-level global initiatives designed to make the internet safer. Some of these are:

Do the right thing

Our CSR contribution varies; take a look at our members page, and see what contributions other members have made.

Contact us today to find out how to join or +44 (0)1223 20 30 30

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