Dan Sexton

Dan Sexton

Chief Technology Officer

Dan joined the Internet Watch Foundation in February 2021. He is responsible for Information Technology, Cybersecurity and Software Development. He leads our software engineering work which includes the creation of world-leading technologies, such as IntelliGrade and Report Remove, to support the hotline and our technology Members.

Dan’s role involves securing highly sensitive data and leading a dedicated team building resilient and efficient systems to support IWF’s work both within the office and in the cloud.

He is also responsible for the compliance and quality assurance team ensuring that highest standards of work and data quality are adhered to when creating our globally-trusted datasets.

Dan represents the IWF externally, working with tech companies, law enforcement and other charities and NGOs globally.

He has over 20 years' experience in Information Technology, working across a range of environments including local government, the academic sector and in commercial software development.

Before joining IWF he was the Head of Information and Computing Services at the Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge, leading a high functioning team in one of the largest engineering departments in the world.

Dan has a degree in Media, Culture and Society and a Master's in Computer Science.