Every 5 Minutes our analysts in Cambridge find & remove an image or video online of a child suffering sexual abuse.

For too many children, the ordeal of sexual abuse doesn’t end when the abuse stops. The recording, viewing and sharing of countless images online means victims suffer humiliation and misery every time someone clicks on a photo or video of their abuse.

Our brave Cambridge analysts use state-of-the-art tech and skilled human insight to find, assess and remove online images and videos of children being sexually abused. These could be hosted anywhere in the world and contain a level of child sexual abuse most people could not comprehend, let alone cope with seeing. It takes a very special person to do this job.

How can you help?

Join us

If you're involved with a tech organisation or start-up in Cambridge or the surrounding areas, you can join us as a corporate member and not only will you gain access to our cutting-edge tools but you'll be standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the world’s leading tech titans as we battle to eliminate child sexual abuse imagery from the internet once and for all.

Contact Will Few for more on +44 (0) 1223 20 30 30 or email [email protected] 

Partner with us

From raising critical funds, to gifts-in-kind or building awareness, there are a host of ways your company, organisation or college can support our work to rid the internet of child sexual abuse. Your partnership with the IWF not only helps engage employees and achieves shared impact but it demonstrates your commitment to victims of child sexual abuse and online safety.

Contact Thomas Dyson for more on +44 (0) 1223 20 30 30 or email [email protected]


Support victims of child sexual abuse from being traumatised every time images or videos of their abuse are viewed, shared or sold online by making a donation to IWF's charitable work. Make a single or regular donation online or text FIVE, TEN or TWENTY to 70460 to donate £5, £10 or £20* and help a victim of child sexual abuse.

Our campaigns

Self-generated child sexual abuse prevention campaign

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