Our Values

Being open and honest:

• Acting with integrity and professionalism at all times;
• Ensuring that all our communications and actions are timely, consistent, transparent and accountable;
• Treating victims of CSAM with total respect.

Being excellent:

• Striving to be a renowned world leader in the field;
• Setting the international standard for best practice;
• Using the latest technology to remove CSAM making the internet a safer place by:
• Protecting children who are the victims of sexual abuse from repeat victimisation and public
• Preventing internet users from accidently stumbling across CSAM;
• Disrupting the availability of CSAM.

Being team players:

• Acknowledge the importance of our partners and acting collaboratively at all times;
• Recognising, rewarding and celebrating our success and achievements.

Creating a caring and safe internal environment:

• Welcoming and respecting individual contributions;
• Providing a supportive environment;
• Encouraging constant learning and personal development.

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