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Funding Council

IWF is governed by a Board of 11 Trustees and a Funding Council.

What is the Funding Council?

Our Funding Council gives advice on policy, provides funding and establishes and maintains our codes of practice. It also gives our Board expert advice from the internet industry on any new developments, through three industry Trustees.

All IWF Members are allowed to apply for a place on the Funding Council.

How can an IWF Member join the IWF Funding Council?

All funding Members of the IWF can apply to join the Funding Council.  Members are voted onto the Funding Council by a majority vote at the next available meeting after joining the IWF.

Full Industry Member or Associate Member?

For the purposes of Funding Council business, IWF Members who apply to sit on the Funding Council will be elected as either a Full Industry Member or an Associate Member. Full Members are those whose commercial and operational workings could be impacted by IWF policies.

A Full Member is:

(a)   Any provider of public electronic communications networks or services offering connectivity to the Internet; and/or

(b)   Any provider of content hosting services to the public; and/or

(c)   Any provider of an Information Society service that carries user generated content; and /or

(d)   Any membership organisation that represents companies that fall within some or all of (a) to (c) above.

Applicants who do not fall into (a), (b) or (c) above, or are not from the internet industry will be elected as Associate Members. Where a policy matter impacts primarily on the commercial and operational workings of Full Industry Members, only those Members shall vote on such matters. 

The Funding Council Chair will, in consultation with the Full Industry Members concerned, make this decision.

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