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  1. Staff welfare

    Our IWF analysts see more distressing images in a day than most see in their lifetime. We give all our staff the support, flexibility and reassurance they need to manage their home and work life.

  2. Who we are

    The IWF is made up of a team of over 50 diverse team members working in a variety of disciplines including our team of front-line analysts

  3. Safeguarding the unsung heroes: Fostering staff welfare across the organisation

    This World Mental Health Day we review our welfare system, designed to protect the mental wellbeing of our staff.

  4. Heidi Kempster

    Heidi Kempster joined the IWF in June 2013 and is the Deputy CEO and Chief Operating Officer. She is responsible for all financial affairs of the IWF and for ensuring the future sustainability of the organisation.