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  1. End to End Encryption E2E

    What is end-to-end encryption (E2EE) and how could it impact IWF's ability to find online child sexual abuse imagery?

  2. End-to-end encryption and keeping your child safe online

    A guide for parents and carers from the Internet Watch Foundation and our partners at the Home Office. Available in English and Welsh.

  3. IWF Podcast Warns Introducing End-to-end Encryption to Messaging Apps Could Hinder Detection of Child Sexual Abuse Imagery

    In a new podcast released by the Internet Watch Foundation, the charity says introducing end-to-end encryption to messaging apps could hinder the detection and removal of child sexual abuse material from the internet.

  4. Online safeguards ‘never more important’ as ‘shocking’ figures reveal number of adults who pose sexual risk to children

    IWF urges the implementation of technological safeguards to protect children, as ‘shocking’ figures from the UK’s National Crime Agency show 830,000 adults who pose some degree of sexual risk to children.

  5. How online predators use privacy apps. New podcast episode from the IWF

    A new podcast from the IWF focuses on new research from Finnish child protection agency Suojellaan Lapsia which shows how offenders operate and the methods they use.

  6. End-to-end encryption and the IWF

    As online child sexual abuse soars, we urge companies to bring in additional child protection measures if they intend to fully encrypt their platforms.