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  1. IWF analysts finding fifteen times more child sexual abuse content online than they were ten years ago

    Expert analysts have taken action against 200,000 websites containing child sexual abuse material

  2. Campaigners push to stop this being ‘the summer of online sexual abuse’ against children

    Campaigners are warning teenagers and their parents about online grooming and sexual exploitation as schools break up for the summer.

  3. Award 'testament to hard work of staff' as IWF campaigns to warn parents and children about online grooming

    The Internet Watch Foundation is pleased to be among the winners of the Digital Communication Awards 2021.

  4. ‘Appalling’ rise of ‘devious’ criminals tricking children into sexually abusing themselves on camera

    New IWF data reveals a startling increase in ‘self-generated’ material where children have been tricked or groomed by predators.