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  1. Annual Report 2020

    The latest data and statistics on what the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) are doing globally to tackle child sexual abuse images and videos online.

  2. Report Remove

    IWF and NSPCC's Report Remove can support a young person in reporting sexual images shared online and enables them to get the image removed if it is illegal.

  3. India’s Online IWF Portal passes milestone of 1000 Reports

  4. ‘Definite jump’ as hotline sees 50% increase in public reports of online child sexual abuse during lockdown

    IWF analysts have worked through the coronavirus lockdown to make sure children are kept safe.

  5. UK’s internet guardian ‘sets standard’ for hotlines worldwide

  6. Sexual abuse imagery of girls online at record high following pandemic lockdowns

    New data published by the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) shows girls are at increasing risk online.

  7. Sexual abuse imagery of primary school children 1,000 per cent worse since lockdown

    IWF warns full effects of lockdown are only now becoming apparent as younger children are groomed into sexual abuse online.

  8. Talk Trust Empower

    Research report by PIER at Anglia Ruskin University, providing insight into girls and their parents' understanding of self-generated CSAM.

  9. Under 10s groomed online ‘like never before’ as hotline discovers record amount of child sexual abuse

    Alarming increase in online grooming and child sexual abuse imagery, particularly among under 10s, in 2023 as reported by the IWF.