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  1. IWF calls for swift action to ensure laws to protect children’s safety online are not at risk

    The Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) is urging Ministers to act swiftly and ensure world-leading legislation to protect children online is not put at risk by further Government delays.

  2. European Child Sexual Abuse Legislation Advocacy Group (ECLAG)

    IWF is a steering group member of the European Child Sexual Abuse Legislation Advocacy Group (ECLAG) working to end child sexual abuse both on and offline.

  3. White House roundtable is 'important moment' in recognising threat of AI child sexual abuse imagery

    AI-generated child sexual abuse is on the agenda at the White House as Internet Watch Foundation CEO Susie Hargreaves flies to Washington to discuss how to address the rising threat.

  4. Government praises Safer Internet Day and pledges to work with Safer Internet Centre

    Digital Minister Matt Warman paid tribute to the event which took place on Tuesday. 

  5. IWF welcomes online protections as MP says there could be up to 90 online sexual offences against children every day

    The Internet Watch Foundation has welcomed moves to help protect children online.

  6. IWF’s position statement on regulation of the internet: Top CEO warns of consequences of regulation

  7. IWF voices support for European CSAM proposal in open letter to European Union

    The letter says the proposal would have powerful implications, not just for Europe but for the world.

  8. ‘The EU must live up to its promise to make the internet a safe place for children’

    IWF joins call to focus on effective solutions in fight against child sexual abuse online.

  9. ‘Ofcom and Government should not reinvent the wheel’ - IWF stands ready to help regulator stamp out online child sexual abuse material

    The Government must now act on the Committee’s recommendations to make sure this legislation brings in the strong and effective safeguards we need to keep children safe online.

  10. IWF welcomes new online safety rules but warns more still needs to be done to make sure children are safe online

    The Age Appropriate Design Code sets out 15 standards that online services need to follow.

  11. AI must be a force for good and not a threat to children

    The capacity for horrific images of AI-generated child sexual abuse to be reproduced at scale was underlined by IWF in the lead-up to the UK government’s AI Safety Summit.

  12. IWF urges Apple not to abandon new plans to help keep children safe online

    The Internet Watch Foundation is supporting calls for Apple not to abandon new plans to help keep children safe online.