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  1. Girls aged 11-13 ‘more at risk of online grooming than ever before’

    Girls aged between 11 and 13 are more at risk of being groomed by sexual predators on the internet than ever before, new figures show.

  2. More young girls coerced into filming own sexual abuse, experts warn

    Online sexual predators are increasingly coercing young girls into filming their own sexual abuse, internet safety experts have warned.

  3. Omegle: 'I'm being used as sex-baiting bot' on video chat site

    Michael was 14 when he first went on to the video chat site Omegle. He'd heard about it at school and was intrigued by its notorious reputation for unpredictable and weird encounters.

  4. Children as young as three are being tricked into vile sex abuse with their brothers and sisters by online predators

    A YOUNG girl, aged between 11 and 13, playfully picks up her little sister and holds her naked body up to the camera.

  5. Child abuse: Warning of siblings being groomed online

    Criminals and paedophiles are trying to groom and exploit young siblings as part of an emerging trend of online sexual abuse, experts have warned.

  6. 'It’s an arms race’: the tech teams trying to outpace paedophiles online

    Predators are often early adopters of technology,” says Sarah Smith, chief technology officer at the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF), a UK child abuse hotline. “It’s an arms race, we have to be constantly horizon-scanning.”

  7. How sick predators are forcing kids into recording their own sex abuse videos while their parents sit downstairs unaware

    With cuddly toys scattered around her, schoolgirl Becky fixes her eyes on the screen in front of her as she's directed to perform a series of sickening sexual acts by vile paedophiles.

  8. 'These images are a crime scene … it's massive for us to find the child'

    Isobel has been working throughout lockdown. With her colleagues in the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) analyst room in Cambridge she has been responding to a rising number of tipoffs from the public that child abuse images are circulating online. The work is gruelling.

  9. Analysts find 15 times as much child sexual abuse material on web as a decade ago

    Analysts are finding 15 times as much child sexual abuse material on the internet as they were 10 years ago, leaving them battling a "tidal wave of criminal material".

  10. Supervise 7-to-10 year-olds online to protect against predators, warn child safety experts

    Children aged seven to 10 should be supervised while using the internet amid an “incredibly worrying” rise in sexual abuse material depicting children of those ages, internet safety experts have warned.

  11. How the Internet Watch Foundation uses tech to tackle child abuse images online

    Tech Monitor spoke to the IWF’s chief technology officer Dan Sexton about how his team is developing bespoke software to support the charity’s work.

  12. New data shows online child sexual abuse material rising

    Call for lawmakers to act quickly as new data shows child sexual abuse reports are soaring in wake of pandemic.