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  1. Encryption: ‘We must have equivalency; It’s all about the implementation’

    By Fred Langford, IWF Deputy CEO and CTO

  2. End to End Encryption E2E

    What is end-to-end encryption (E2EE) and how could it impact IWF's ability to find online child sexual abuse imagery?

  3. IWF ‘outraged’ at Meta decision to prioritise privacy of paedophiles over children’s safety

    Meta announces rollout of end-to-end encryption on its platforms, beginning with Facebook Messenger.

  4. Not all Encryption is the same: social media is not ready for End-to-End Encryption

    Not all Encryption is the same: social media is not ready for End-to-End Encryption. IWF CTO Dan Sexton explains the differences in the technology behind the debate.

  5. End-to-end encryption and keeping your child safe online

    A guide for parents and carers from the Internet Watch Foundation and our partners at the Home Office. Available in English and Welsh.

  6. IWF Podcast Warns Introducing End-to-end Encryption to Messaging Apps Could Hinder Detection of Child Sexual Abuse Imagery

    In a new podcast released by the Internet Watch Foundation, the charity says introducing end-to-end encryption to messaging apps could hinder the detection and removal of child sexual abuse material from the internet.

  7. Encryption Vs. Privacy: In Conversation with Professor Hany Farid

    Professor Hany Farid speaks to IWF about Encryption Vs. Privacy as part of their new podcast series on child sexual abuse imagery online.

  8. Apple should scan iPhones for child abuse images, says scanning technology inventor

    Prof Hany Farid says all online services should adopt idea backed by GCHQ and National Cybersecurity Centre

  9. End-to-end encryption journalist's briefing

    As online child sexual abuse soars, we urge companies to bring in additional child protection measures if they intend to fully encrypt their platforms.