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We have a range of resources available in addition to the services we provide to our Members, other countries and the reporting service.

  • Best Practice Guide: How to deal with child sexual abuse images at work

    This best practice guide is designed to provide a quick checklist of things your organisation should observe when dealing with indecent images of children that are found on your computers, electronic devices and/or networks. That may happen because of criminal behaviour by staff or a breach of security. Equally, your staff may be inadvertently exposed to indecent images of children whilst using the internet at work.

  • Free e-newsletter

    We provide a free e-newsletter with the latest IWF news, industry and parliamentary updates and events direct to your inbox.

    You can sign up here.

  • IWF Flyer

    Our flyer provides you with all relevant information about our work - what we do, how we do it, and why.

    You can download it here(PDF 2.7MB).

  • Useful Links

    Our work specifically relates criminal online content and most of our reports are about child sexual abuse material online.

    We know people experience a lot of other issues online that we unfortunately can’t help with. We have therefore provided a list of different organisations, websites and resources to help you find the right person to speak to or website to visit which can help you with your issue.

    Click here to see our Useful Links.

  • Research

    We are in a unique position to carry out research on online criminal content, and in particular child sexual abuse content. The aim is to improve the effectiveness of our Hotline through providing intelligence into people’s online behaviour and use of technology. This will help us to reach our vision of eliminating online child sexual abuse images and videos.

    You can read about our research here.

  • Trends

    Every year we publish the operational trends we saw during the previous year, including the number of reports we processed, where the content is located and how criminals are changing the way they publish the content. We do this to help others understand the problem of child sexual abuse, the scale of it and what can be done to combat this global problem.

    You can read about the trends we saw in 2017 in our 2017 Annual Report.

  • Independent report on an international notice and takedown system

    An independent report by Dr Weixiao Wei commissioned by the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) and funded by the Nominet Trust was published in May 2011.

    Entitled: “Online Child Sexual Abuse Content: The development of a comprehensive, transferable international internet notice and takedown system”, the report establishes the value of an international ‘notice and takedown’ system, through the examination of the legislative and regulatory approaches in eight countries.

    The report found that there is compelling evidence that the ‘notice and takedown’ system already used in some countries is effective in removing child sexual abuse content at source, while still allowing law enforcement authorities to capture evidence for investigations aimed at prosecuting offenders and where possible, the rescue  of child victims. The report makes recommendations on how these methods could be implemented internationally.

    The full report is available to download here (PDF, 1.07MB).

    For enquiries related to the report please email

Report here