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There’s #NoSuchThing as child pornography. It’s child sexual abuse

We’re campaigning for an end to use of the phrase ‘child pornography’. There’s #NoSuchThing. It’s child sexual abuse imagery and videos. ‘Child pornography’ implies consent, yet children cannot be complicit in their own abuse.

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What can you do?

We can do so much more together. 

  • Spread the word. Share our campaign content across digital and social channels - Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn.
  • Take action. Ensure that this terminology is not used in any of your own communications. 

The use of inappropriate and inaccurate language to describe the images associated with the crime of child sexual abuse is diluting the impact of these horrific crimes and minimising perpetrator accountability. The correct terminology: ‘child sexual abuse images’ or ‘child sexual abuse videos’, accurately reflects the gravity of the material and clearly identifies the crimes committed and the victims affected.

The terms ‘child pornography’ and ‘child porn’ are regularly used by media when reporting on, for example, news from criminal investigations and convictions. Each time a media outlet uses one of these phrases it reinforces a perception that child sexual abuse can be consensual. It also, in turn, helps to diminish the crime and perpetuate the abuse by mutualising the experience of both the perpetrator and the victim involved.

What can we do? 

The IWF, alongside Embrace and the Marie Collins Foundation, are calling for:

  • An amendment to section 7 of the Editor’s Code of Practice to ensure the appropriate language and tone is used by editors across the media. 
  • The updating of style guides across the media to maintain the highest standards of professional journalism and help protect the victims of the abhorrent crime of child sexual abuse. 
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