Get Involved

As a Member of the IWF you’re able to team up with us on a raft of Initiatives, Events, Campaigns and Publicity and Policy Developments.

Being a Member also gives you credibility as a responsible online company.

You have the chance to show your customers how you help to combat online child sexual abuse content, protect online users and prevent victims’ images being viewed time and time again.


Safer Internet Days (SID)

The IWF is part of the UK Safer Internet Centre Opens in New Window alongside Childnet International and South West Grid for Learning Opens in New Window.

Every February companies, organisations, governments and charities come together to celebrate and educate on Safer Internet Day.

The Safer Internet Day planning events take place in the run-up to the event.  As a Member, you’ll receive an invitation to attend these planning sessions and have the opportunity to be involved – whether that’s in a large or small way. 


You can engage with us at a number of events and conferences, full details of these are available on our Events and Conferences page.

Welcome to the IWF Event

The IWF Welcome Event is specifically tailored for new IWF Funding Council representatives but anyone from your organisation can attend. These events are held twice a year, in the spring and the autumn.  They are free to attend and provide a brief introduction to the work of the IWF and the hotline operation.  They are half-day events held in central London location.

Members' Conference includes the Annual General Meeting

The Members' Conference includes the Annual General Meeting giving Members the opportunity to engage with IWF staff and the independent Board.

There are also expert presentations on topics relevant to our Members' work.

Annual Report Launch

Events and activities always accompany the launch of the IWF Annual Report which takes place in the spring.

IWF Awareness Day

Our awareness day is a way for you to show your customers how you work with us. This helps increase the number of people who know how to report potentially criminal content online.

PR Teams’ Event

Our successes are a reflection of your support.

Your PR team can see how your organisation could make best use of success stories. We also give you access to our trends and statistics before they’re made public.

For more information about these and other forthcoming events, including registration details please refer to the "dates for  your diary" page. 

 Credibility and Corporate Social Responsibility

Use of our logo

It’s funny how such a small thing can say a whole lot.

The IWF logo tells your customers that you believe in an internet free of child sexual abuse content, that you protect them from seeing such images and that you prevent the re-victimisation of the victims of child sexual abuse.

We encourage you to use our logo on your website and publicity materials as it’s a privilege of your membership.

If you want us to provide you with some words to explain what your membership means, just drop us a line.


The IWF is a self-regulatory body. This means the collective decision of our Members shape how we work and what we do. Self-regulation pre-empted the formal regulation of the internet in the 1990s and remains the government's preferred method.

Being a Member demonstrates your responsible approach to tackling online criminal content.

Every Member nominates a representative to take part in our Funding Council - this allows you to contribute to our policy development and strategic future.

Our work is followed closely by the UK government and international bodies. By informing our strategic future you get a direct say in broader policy developments.


Campaigns and Publicity

Awareness Campaigns

It’s important that online users know where to report child sexual abuse content.

The IWF runs campaigns in order to reach targeted groups. This is backed up by research, is targeted and fully evaluated so we know our messages are getting to the right people and being understood.

You can be part of our campaigns.

If you’re keen to find out how you can support our next campaign, why not get in touch, or let your communications team know about this opportunity? 

Press Releases and Blogs

We publish press releases every time a new Member joins us and whenever we’ve got something to say.

It might be about research, when we’ve helped rescue a child from sexual abuse, when a sex offender has been convicted in a case we’ve worked on, or when a Member has something big to celebrate.

We also blog on relevant topics and either publish to our website, supported by social media channels, or on Huffington Post.

Members’ Guest Blogs

As a Member, if your organisaion has something big and relevant to say, why not submit a guest blog for our website? We’ll then promote it through our social media channels.

Newsletter – Members’ Contributions

We have over 2,000 IWF newsletter recipients who like to be kept up to date with our successes, our news and relevant political updates in relation to combating online criminal content.

As a Member, why not submit an article?

Annual Report

Our Annual Report is a record of what the IWF and its Members have achieved. It contains trends and statistics as well as emerging issues identified by our analysts.

All Members’ logos feature in our Annual Report.

Social media

We can be found on Facebook Opens in New Window, Twitter Opens in New Window, and Google+ Opens in New Window.

Policy Development

National and International Policy and Laws

There’s a lot of debate nationally and internationally about tackling the types of online criminal content featured within our remit.

We follow what’s being said. As we have been doing this work since 1996, we’re well placed to offer our experience, expertise and case studies to those who make important decisions.

We have an engagement programme with politicians, advisors, other charities and stakeholders who work in this arena.

We publish relevant research, bring experts together and offer guidance nationally and internationally.

Your Influence over IWF Policy

You have an opportunity to talk to us about what matters to your organisation through Funding Council meetings.

Your Organisation’s Policies

We are able to help with policy development within your organisation.

Perhaps our guide to dealing with indecent images in the workplace is helpful?

Or maybe you want to beef-up the welfare provisions for your staff? You can speak to us about our expert-informed welfare policy, specifically tailored to take care of our analysts who view and assess potentially criminal online content day in, day out.

Participate in working groups

Share your knowledge and expertise to help IWF and its Members develop best practice and new policies for the online industry to improve the way we respond to and tackle online criminal content.  

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