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Game on: an internet twist on sex & relationships 

Unique educational workshops for young people aged 11 - 24 tackling sexual behaviour in the online world. Proven. Realistic. Bespoke. Up-to-date. Age-appropriate.

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Everton FC logoEverton Football Club’s Head of Safeguarding, Adam Green, says:

“This is a unique safeguarding initiative and we’re proud to be the first club to partner with the Internet Watch Foundation. At Everton, we have a history of putting safeguarding first, both for our young players and in the wider Everton community. This project takes that message one step further – we want to help young men develop both online and offline. And, in a complex online world, we want to help keep our young players, staff and community participants safe.”


We can help you address: 

• Sexting & the law 

• Pestering for photographs

• Sharing intimate pictures & videos 

• The consequences of sharing images 

• Consent – what does it mean, & no means no

• Technology & risk

• What’s appropriate & what’s legal 

• Bullying vs banter

• Revenge porn

• Sextortion

• Viewing pornography online

• Child sexual abuse imagery & reporting it

What the experts say:

“We know the internet has led many young people into confusing or ambiguous situations which some have not handled at all well. This brave, pioneering project is all about tackling negative, ill-informed or destructive attitudes that can quickly lead to trouble online. The project helps young people to understand the boundaries to internet behaviour and also, how to keep themselves safe. Our experience tells us that education is the best way forward,” says John Carr OBE, Secretary of the Children’s Charities Coalition on Internet Safety (CHIS).


What can young people learn?

• Our workshops tackle inappropriate sexual behaviours in a young person’s online world.

• We use real and current examples that young people can relate to.

• We provide a practical, common-sense approach to relationships, sex and online safety.

• We help young people understand the laws around the age of consent in comparison to viewing or sharing sexual images of under 18s.

• Game On participants will feel empowered to be part of a solution, rather than part of a problem.

A young Everton Academy player told the BBC’s 5 Live: 

“Someone’s come in and spoke to us on internet safety and just being aware of what you’re doing online, and what you’re sending to certain people and what you’re saying about yourself.

“Yes, it probably has changed my behaviour, because I was probably much less aware of it before we had this course.”


Game On is compatible with the Government’s personal, social, health and education (PSHE), and relationship and sex education (RSE) requirement in English secondary schools as identified on 1 March, 2017. It also supports the safeguarding arrangements and policies of leading football and sports clubs.

Game On is delivered to sports clubs by the education and online safety specialist Andy Wood for the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF), as part of the UK Safer Internet Centre. We’re passionate about safeguarding children. These are not-for-profit, unique, workshops.

Contact us

Contact us today to find out more about the workshops and how they can help the young people you work with on +44 (0)1223 20 30 30 or

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